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I Am Anointed To Help Him

Author: Marilyn Johnson

There is no one in the congregation better equipped or positioned to bring positive change in ministry than you. You are anointed to help the senior pastor. God has handpicked you and placed within you the tools needed to bring every vision to pass. As you read this book, you will learn from women of like precious faith how to operate in the place of influence without manipulation and control. It will teach you how to be appreciated and not just tolerated by your congregation. I Am Anointed To Help Him is the "Institute of Learning" for the senior pastor's wife. 

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$10.00 + SH

The Pastor's Wife Leadership Manual
(Hard Copy)


 The First Lady of a congregation is called to serve her husband as a spouse and helpmate, but there is no cookie-cutter approach on the actual role of a pastor's wife in ministry.  The wife does not do the work of the pastor, but the pastor and his wife are a team that is yoked together to do God's work for the glory of His kingdom.


  Lady Marilyn Johnson has developed a conscientious manual for the First Lady as a roadmap based on the tenets of the Proverbs 31 woman centered on the word "virtuous". Virtuous or "chayil" in Hebrew means "force, strength, ability, might, or power."


  The First Lady of the church is a warrior woman, an intercessor, a woman of might and power uniquely designed by God to birth His will on the earth for her family, particularly for her husband.  She is the divine womb that carries the power to assist the man of God in possessing his personal promised land and to assist him in fulfilling his ministry call.


In this powerful manual Lady Marilyn Johnson equips the First Lady to answer that call and not only please the heart of her husband, but also please that of her Abba, Father with her service.  The manual addresses the following topics:


  • Starting on the Right Path

  • The Power of Speech and Understanding Others

  • Positioned for Positive Change

  • Pastor and Me (Honoring the Gift of Covering)

  • Making the Ministry Look Good

  • You Are Anointed to Help Him


Unit Price:

$24.99 + SH


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