Pastor's Wife Institute

Bring the Pastor's Wife Institute to your city for a weekend of intense Leadership training for the wives of  Apostles, Bishops, Pastors, Elders and Ministers. Must have a minimum of 20 attendees.  The cost is $200 per person.  This includes materials.  Contact Lady Marilyn Johnson for scheduling at 832-744-9592 or


Course Curriculum

Lesson     Title


1                The Call To Serve In Leadership

2                 Fiduciary Commitment (Keeping The Matters Of Others Confidential)

3                The Role/Ministry of the Pastor's Wife

4                 You Want MeTo Forgive Them - I Can't Do This Anymore

5                 Discovering Your God Given Gifts And Personality Type

6                 Working With Relatives in Ministry

7                 Learning How To Be Appreciated and Not Just Tolerated (Setting Healthy Boundaries With Members)

8                 Effective Communication (Making Sure That What I Said is What You Heard)

9                 What Every Pastor Wish His Wife Knew

10               Grief and the Pastor's Wife

11               Understanding the Role of the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Pastor's Wife

12               Planning Exquisite Events and Providing Effective Ministries for the Local Congregation

13               The Power of Fasting and Prayer


An informed woman is and empowered woman.  P.W.I. is a part of the First Ladies Only Ministry where we bring purpose, peace and clarity to the hearts of pastor's wives

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