Sisters of like precious faith are free to be themselves without fear of reprisal.  Together we forge an alliance that ensures that all pastor's wives are proficient in their roles as they serve in ministry with their husband/pastor as unto the Lord.

A place of hope, encouragement and support for women over thirty as they balance family, careers, life and ministry.

The Young Women Empowerment Series is a comprehensive ministry design to usher women in their twenties into woman-hood through proper spiritual, pyschological and social training.

Providing proven biblical business principles that teach women how to be successful leaders and entrepeurneurs in a ever changing economy.





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The woman is the most unique creation God has ever formed.  Traversing the various stages of life, along with the manifold compartmentalization of each coupled with the personal responsibility of each, can be overwhelming even if you are prepared for it -- and that's the believer's truth.  I cannot not imagine living in this world without the Lord or being a sister in Christ without a stable support system.  This speaks to the specific reasoning behind the formation and development of W4 Ministries.  I have encountered too many daughters of God without the proper support system.  A sisterhood that understands as well as capable of leading and guiding is paramount because of the unique role women have in the family, church and community.


We have created subdivisions within the women's ministry structure to allow time for proper instruction, support and camaraderie; this is essential in both uniting those of common struggle and passion as well as harnessing the strength and experience of the different generations to better serve the needs other generations.   Our goal is to have a ministry that our sisters connect with from the cradle to the grave.

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