Young Women Empowerment

Earlicia Holman,

YWES Director

The Young Women Empowerment Series (Y.W.E.S.) is designed for women in their twenties. Young girl’s bodies make the transition to woman hood while their emotional and psychological areas struggle to contend with all the new facets of being a woman.

During this program you can expect positive change that will revolutionize your walk with God and your relationship with yourself and others. This program has two components; socialization and life exploration and application. We begin each meeting with brunch where we dialogue. This is done to teach young women how to have healthy conversations with other women void of gossip, jealousy and character assassination and to provide simply recipes that they can use with their families. Then we have a life impacting lesson that deals with the good, bad and the ugly. A team of men and women impart knowledge and help bridge the gaps in their lives. It is a time of vulnerability without fear of reprisal. You will be healed from poor self-esteem, anger, poor communication skills, improper interpersonal relationships and past hurts. This is a year program. If you make the commitment, you will learn discipline and life skills to cope with any situation that you encounter. Get ready to be healed in every area of your life.

Course Syllabus - (Session Presently Underway)


Lesson   0     Ministry Introduction  
Lesson   1     How do I see myself  
Lesson   2     The Dance of Anger  
Lesson   3     Forgiveness brings the Breakthrough
Lesson   4     Free From Memories
Lesson   5     My Attire My Advertisement 
Lesson   6     Taking Care of Business
Lesson   7     Self worth, esteem and values
Lesson   8     Relationship with yourself
Lesson   9     Relationships with children
Lesson 10     Relationships with women
Lesson 11     Relationships with the opposite Gender 
Lesson 12     Graduation Ceremony

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